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    Custom book size


      I know it has been brought up before so I'm just adding my name to the long and growing list of users who would like to be able to change the page dimensions and/or album size in the Lightroom Book module.  With many different labs offering various size options for photo albums I am surprised Lightroom remains indifferent.

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          I also have the same issue with the Book module.

          I use a provider based in France (Matisseo) in Europe and I need different size such as :

          22x22 cm

          21x29 cm

          29x21 cm



          I Hope the Lightroom development team will take care of this.

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            I can only add my voice to the request


            The existing sizes are not adequate - and they do not match the sizes in Apple Aperture


            As Aperture is being retired, there is a new user base - and we want consistency in the phtotobook sizes we have been printing

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              Unfortunately, Adobe seems to not be listening to this issue, as it's been around since the book module came out, with still no solution.


              There's to much "blurberization" on the book module, but using Blurb is not always the best, or even a feasible solution.