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    loadSound MP3 Catch

    Andrei1 Level 6
      Hey All,

      I have a flash MP3 player. Users upload an MP3 file and then it is streamed back.

      The file on the server is always saved with the same name no matter what their original file name was. So, when they reload an MP3 they need to hear it, which means that the url for the loadSound is always the same.

      The problem is that sound is obviously is in catch and until I close the browser the newly uploaded MP3 doesn’t play -- instead the file that was loaded first is playing. I checked it from different perspectives and made sure that the file on the server is the latest one. Again, once I restart the browser (refresh doesn’t work) – correct file is played.

      What would be a technique that would refresh the file that is played if I pass the same URL through loadSound?

      Sorry for the redundancies.

      Thank you!