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    Image Processor Pro v3.0 beta available

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      The Beta for the next rev of Image Processor Pro is now available and can be found here:



      For questions, support, etc... contact me directly (xbytor@gmail.com) or here:

      http://www.ps-scripts.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5845&sid=12f1f22f7f9fbc5669a27f432b56130 dwww.ps-scripts.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5845


      The current Beta rev is 1_107.




      - A number of bugs were fixed, especially in the BMP and TGA save

      - A new check box, 'Keep Original File', was added to Step 2 in the
      UI. It is accessible when 'Save in Same Location' is checked and Save
      in Subfolder' is unchecked. In this situation, if you uncheck 'Keep
      Original File' the script will overwrite the original files.

      - A new check box, 'Preserve filename in XMP Metadata' has been added
      to Step 4 in the UI. If this is checked, the original name of the file
      is saved with the property name 'PreservedFileName' in the XMP Media
      Management Properties section of the new files XMP Metadata.

      - A new flag ImageProcessorOptions.OVERWRITE_TARGET_FILES has been added
      to the script. When set to true IPP will always overwrite target files
      unless 'Save In Same Location' and 'Keep Original File' are checked.
      The default is false. You must edit the file with a text editor to
      change this flag. I may eventually work this into the UI.