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    Catalogs with different file types


      My wife and I travel with one computer each, and mine has a larger harddrive.  On a recent vacation, I downloaded all the pictures we took each day onto my computer, and then converted all the RAW pictures to jpegs. She was then able to import the jpegs into LR on her computer, and do image selection, keywording, etc (no Develop module work).  I now want to use the catalog she has created but on my computer so that we can work on the RAW images to edit them.  IS there any way to export the catalog from her computer, import it to mine, and then have it point to the appropriate RAW images (the names of the images are the same, the only difference is the file type)?

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          areohbee Level 5

          To Lr, the jpegs and raws are separate photos, thus there is no way to have Lr associate jpeg metadata with the raws, e.g. it won't retrofit your raws with your wife's jpeg metadata, other than one pair at a time I mean.


          That said, there are ways to sync the metadata and/or development settings (all at once), if you are willing to use a plugin, or are savvy enough to develop an exiftool batch process to do it.


          Example plugins:

          * RawPlusJpeg

          * RelativeAntics

          * Syncomatic


          They're easily findable via internet search.



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            bearspa Level 1

            Thanks, Rob.  The last two seem to fit the bill--I am NOT "savvy enough to develop an exiftool batch process"


            I'll contact you through robcole.com.