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    Bug in Crop tool with Olympus E-M5 raw files (ORF)


      There is a bug in the crop tool with Olympus OM-D E-M5 RAW files (ORF) that is still not fixed with the recent update.  Here is how to reproduce the problem.

      1. I setup my E-M5 camera picture aspect ratio to 3:2 (instead of the sensor 4:3) and file format to RAW.
      2. I take a picture.
      3. I import the picture in Lightroom.  The first thumbnail I see is the full sensor, then Lightroom computes a new thumbnail and correctly display the 3:2 crop factor.
      4. I select the picture in the library and press [R] to bring the Crop tool.
      5. BUG: The Crop tool does not let me recover the full 4:3 sensor image and is locked to the 3:2 crop factor.


      Can this be fixed?  Thanks