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    Has CS5's annoying Undo behaviour been fixed in CS6?


      I'm a Photoshop CS5 user and thinking about moving on to the latest version. I'm generally quite content with CS5, but there is one "feature" that's very annoying: Undo/Redo change the selection of the current layer. It has been fully discussed in Annoying Undo behavior.  Fixable? but here's a quick summary: Suppose you have a layer A and a layer B. In A there is something that you don't want to mess up, B is practically empty. Currently, A is selected. You select B, because you want to make a quick paint over. Then you press TAB to get rid of all the panels (in full screen mode) and start painting. The first stroke goes astray, so you press Cmd+Z. The problem: Now layer A is selected, but you can't tell!!! You start painting, and in the end of the day, you find you've messed up your nice layer A while B is still empty!!


      Question: Has this been fixed in CS6? Or is there any workaround?