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    Change layer order by script

      I have a bunch of embedded movies that are controlled by hidden buttons. I would like to be able to adjust the stacking order or z-depth of the layers by scripts to solve a design problem. What I've ended up with is if you roll over button 3 the #3 movie zooms up to it's desired position on the screen and plays. If you then roll over button 1 the #3 movie continues to play until the end then zooms or scales down to it's place holder size while movie 1 is scaling up and moving into position to play. The problem is that Movie 3 is above Movie 1 so while 3 is continuing to the end and one is moving into position you can't see movie 1 because it's covered by movie 3 until movie 3 scales back down and moves to it's proper position.

      What I'd like to do is to force whatever movie I've currently over to move to the top layer. Something like:
      if (rollOver button1 ) {this movie on top} else {this movie in original order}

      Is this possible? Spent hours with the help files and searching tutorials with no success.