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    Drawing objects, 'closing' them, and more

    adamlewen Level 1
      Hi there!
      I have a couple of questions and if anyone can help it'll be great!, i keep on coming in and out of this forum and through that making a lot of my progress...
      In my application I am controlling an object, moving it with the arrow keys on the stage; it's similar to the QIX/Xonix game, where an object, situated on the stroke of a square, can be moved around the square and 'conquer' areas.

      Here is a simple example

      In the code below the drawn object will be calculated as a ractangle MC regardless of the drawn shape (it'll use the max and min X and Ys...) so the hit test is not that effective...
      Any thoughts on maybe slicing the one MovieClip(drawing) to many Movie Clips? (when ever I click a button?) I am not sure how to approach this...

      Would I be able to fill it if I divide it to a few movie clips?

      is there any other suggestion?
      Hope I make sense...