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    Adobe Presenter


      In imported a MP4 video into my presentation.  When I preview it, the video plays automatically (over my narration).  How can I set the video to play after my narration?

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Use the Edit function in the Video portion of the Presenter.

          Edit Video.jpg

          If you are already on the slide with the video you won't have to browse to the slide in the tool that opens. At the bottom of the tool is an option to delay the video. Choose to delay until the audio ends, and the video shouldn't start playing until your audio is done. You may also need to set a transition effect so the video doesn't sit paused on the slide prior to it playing if there is other content on the slide that the viewers need to see. Making the transition fast will make it the least obtrusive.

          Presenter - Video Edit.jpg

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            RDziuban Level 1

            Thanks Jorma!  You've been a great help