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    layers and selections


      I've downloaded Sketch and have been playing with it for a week. I also use Skechbook Pro and Procreate. I use my iPad every day for creating thumbnails and communicating with clients. I have a Jot4 stylus which I love and I am excited to see more mobile support for professional level tasks. However, Sketch falls far short for anything more than doodling. Why no layer support? Why can't I make selections, copy, paste, and move those selections? Getting an idea down is one thing, but refining an idea, tweaking it, making it better is also part of the job. I'm not sure the relevance of having five art boards for projects, when I can't cut and past between the art boards?  I guess its cool to be able to upload to Behance, but I can do that already in all my apps. This feels like a project beta and with the competition doing things so much better, I'm afraid the Adobe logo isn't enough.


      Maybe I'm missing something?