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    Need information on the art of the possible with Business Catalyst



      My wife is setting up an online Business that will sell downloadable language resources (for learning foreign languages). These will include worksheets, soundfiles, and also animations (that are being done by a separate animator).

      I am a 'rusty' Java developer and have said that I would do the IT for her.

      We have purchased an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription as she is doing the worksheets in InDesign, and they will be sold as PDF's.

      I have mocked up the beginnings of a website with Muse, but was intending to use that for getting the look and feel right, then replicating it in Java and HTML5.

      However, today I started looking a Business Catalyst and seeing what it could do, but I am confused about it.


      • Would I be able to sell downloadable items using the eCommerce features?
      • Can I set up a mock shop on the free BC site?
      • How much does the eCommerce upgrade actually cost? Like I said, we are a Creative Cloud subscriber.
      • There will be some features that I will need to code, perhaps talking to another database, I understand that you can call out from the app to your own webservices etc?


      Thanks for any help.