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    Spacing in middle of page


      I have a newsletter and randomly on one of the pages there is some sort of folding line that is causing all text on the page to space in the middle of the page. This isn't effecting pictures, just text. I am viewing the document in normal view and can see all guide lines, and all hidden characters. I can not figure out how to get rid of this extra space! I have created new text box columns in an effort to get rid any formatting, but this issue seems to be tied to the page formatting. Thank you in advance with any help!

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          smellboss Level 1

          Screen shot please.


          In the interim, check to see if "Do Not Align to Baseline Grid" is selected in your Paragraph panel, and check the Baseline Options tab in the text frame options.

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            lugo818 Level 1

            I highlighted the problem area. I DO have checked "do not align to baseline grid". As for baseline options for text frame, here is a snapshotIndesignBaseline.JPG

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              smellboss Level 1

              That is goofy. It looks like you have "Space Before" applied, but there is no hard return in the left text column (after "association's), so that can't be it. In the Text Frame Options, under General, do you have "Balance Columns" selected? Toggle that and see what happens.


              Go to Object > Unlock All on Spread. Make sure all layers are visible and unlocked (although it looks like everything is on one layer). Select all and see if there are any errant polygons or frames beneath the text frame. There could be an empty container with Text Wrap applied.


              Also, try highlighting all the text and entering a leading value; there might be a character in there with a strange (high) leading value. In the Paragraph panel, select "Adobe Single-Line Composer" from the fly-out menu.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Check for a hidden object, possibly on the master page, with text wrap applied.


                It's easiest to do that with the Layers panel open and the layers expanded so you can see a missing eyeball.