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    Problem passing a variable from a dynamic text field to php  (Flash 8)


      I am currently working on a flash file where a person enters
      their score into an input text box with an instance name of score and then it
      converts it to a percentage and grade. 
      The swf file displays the grade and percentage in two dynamic text boxes
      with instance names of percent and score. 
      That part gives me no trouble.
      The main objective is to pass the percent and score to a php file called
      grade.php and then store both variables in MySQL. 



      After uploading the files to a server, I run the swf file and
      it seems like everything works.  But when
      I check the MySQL file, I notice that a row has been inserted, but no score or
      grade is entered.   I can not figure out
      what the problem is.  Can anyone assist
      me with this?



      Here the Actionscript 2.0 code and the php file:




      function findPercent() {


      percent.text = (score.text * 100) / 100;


      if (percent.text >= 90) {

      grade.text = "A";

           }  else if (percent.text < 90 &&  percent.text >= 80){

      grade.text = "B";

      if (percent.text < 80 && percent.text >= 70){

      grade.text = "C";

           }  else if (percent.text < 70 && percent.text >= 60){

      grade.text = "D";

           }   else if (percent.text < 60){

      grade.text = "F";






      submit_button.onRelease = function(){

      submitURL = "grade.php";


      // create a LoadVars object instance and populate it.


      send_lv = new LoadVars();

      send_lv.score = "percent.text";    //  (Note: when I used the input text box as .score.text, it displayed  in MySQL)

      send_lv.grade = "grade.text";

      send_lv.send(submitURL, "POST");







      <title>Grades: Add Your Grade and Score</title>



      <h2>Grade Display</h2>



      // Connect to the database

      $dbc = mysqli_connect(DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, DB_NAME);

      // Grab the score data from the POST

      $score = $_POST['score'];

      $grade = $_POST['grade'];

      // Write the data to the database

      $query = "INSERT INTO transcript (score, grade) VALUES ('$score', '$grade')";




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