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    How can I make sparkles or glitter?


      I Can't figure it out any help would be awesome

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Closest thing I can think of is to use the Brush Tool, tap the "Brush" option and then tap the presets icon in the upper right (looks like a 3 x 3 grid). There's a four-pointed star in the lower right. Choose it then adjust the vertical spacing above by dragging the slider all the way up.


          You'd then have to decide how you want to go about adding it, which you'll have to add (slightly) different colors and sizes, maybe on different layers.


          If you're looking for really convincing glitter, you might have to consider something like Ambient Design's ArtRage (the desktop version; I don't think the mobile version has the Glitter Tube). I'd suggest something like ArtRage anyway as it covers the bases Photoshop does not which is mimicking natural-world media like oils, pastels and watercolor and even globs of paint and glitter. (Yes, I know Photoshop can "paint" but that's not its forte despite those using it that way.)