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    FrameMaker 8 crashes frequently on Windows 8

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      I've had FM 8 since 2008, and it's always worked fine, but since I upgraded to Windows 8 a couple of months ago, FM has started crashing randomly. It wasn't so frequent at first, and the symptom of the crash made me think it was just slow (it will suddenly say "Not Responding" at the top of the FM application). That can happen with anything, and it usually means that something is temporarily hogging the system or slowing it down for some reason. But in this case, FM never comes back from the not-responding state. If I click on the application, everything goes gray. Eventually I have to exit the program or kill it through the task manager.


      Here's mybasic info:


      System: Dell - 64-bit processors (2), 4 GB (3GB usable) RAM

      OS: Windows 8 Pro, 32-bit


      FrameMaker: 8.0p266


      I saw a similar post from 3 years ago, of FM 8 crashing in Win 7. There were several responses with suggestions, but I know that Win 8 is different from 7, so I'm not sure those suggestions will apply here. The incompatibility between FM 8 and the 64-bit processor (mentioned in the other thread) sounds quite possible, but I'm not sure what to do about it.



      Joyce Wermont

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to run FM8 in an XP virtual machine

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            Bob Niland (Error 7103) Level 4

            > You need to run FM8 in an XP virtual machine ...


            That would probably fix it, however ...


            It will need to be a 3rd party VM, because Mr.Bill doesn't support "XP Mode" for Windows8. That was a Win7 [Ent/Pro/Ult only] thing.


            If you upgraded from Win7 in place and had XPM installed, it might work. "Compatibility Mode" is no substitute. If you can downgrade to Win7, XPM is still available for download (it's huge, and is an old XP/32 install, which needs all 200+ Windows Updates). With a 3rd-party VM, you'll need to get an XP license and code by some other means.


            You may need to have a CPU that supports hardware virtualization. Almost all AMDs made in the last decade do. Intel CPUs, esp. low end SKUs, often don't (reportedly fused off because you didn't pay enough). A Dell PC will almost certainly have an Intel CPU.