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    Possible bug with creating hyperlink destination while in story editor

    E Diane King Level 3

      I'm just curious if anyone else is experiencing this and if it's proper behavior or a bug:


      I'm making manual cross references for endnotes in an ebook. To do this I'm creating hyperlink destinations for each endnote and endnote reference. I'm doing this in story editor because I can see the destination targets, however, I'm having a weird issue where when I hit enter when in the hyperlink destination dialog box, it closes and puts a hard return in my text. If I'm doing this in layout mode, I don't get the hard return--it's only in story editor. Creating a hyperlink and hitting enter on that dialogue box does not have the same behavior. It's just the "New Hyperlink Destination" dialog box that does it.


      Can someone else replicate this behavior: Open story editor for any length story. Select some text (doesn't matter where it is), and go to the hyperlink panel menu and select "New Hyperlink Destination" and then hit the keyboard "enter" [rather than clicking on OK] to close the dialogue box.


      When I do this on my Windows 8 laptop running the latest InDesign CC 2014, I'm getting a hard return that deletes whatever text was selected in the story editor. Is this supposed to happen?