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    Installed extensions do not appear to show in Photoshop CC


      I recently had to install PS CC on a new laptop, identical in every way to the old one.

      I only have one extension I use that is for Adobe Scene7, since i have had to reinstall, it has installed in the CC extension manager but is not accessible in PS CC it's self. The Extensions menu is just grey, so when I roll over it, nothing happens.

      (note that I also run this on my mac, and I have the same issue)


      i Am running the following versions

      windows 7

      Ps CC 2014 (20140508.r.58 X64)

      Scene7 2.5.0

      Extension manager CC


      any suggestions To get me back up and running would be appreciated as downloading and uploading have become massive problems!

      will provide any other additional info if it will help solve the problem!