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    Dynamic TileList Control

      I am creating the TileList Dyanmically.

      var imageList:TileList = new TileList();
      imageInfoList = new ArrayCollection(imageData);
      imageList.columnCount = 1;
      imageList.width = 480;
      imageList.height = 400;
      imageList.data = imageInfoList;

      Then I am trying to set the itemrendere for the TileList

      imageList.itemRenderer = "Thumbnail"

      Thumbnail is my component which is a Thumbnail.mxml file. So the problem is it always throw an error
      Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert "Thumbnail" to mx.core.IFactory.

      and it doesn't load anything. So how can I use the itemRenderer for my Tile list so it can show all the image and name of the image.