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    Next ATI Driver Release to Enable 10 Bit Color on ATI Radeon Cards?

    Noel Carboni Level 8

      I have been looking into what it will take to enable 10 bit color from my ATI Radeon HD 7850, which is tied to my 30 bit capable Dell U3014 via a DisplayPort connection.  All the hardware should be capable, but I have only been able to get 24 bit color up to now.  It's beautifully even, but still I can see steps in gray gradients.


      It looks as though an additional step toward accomplishing the goal of making 10 bit color real is about to be taken by AMD with their next release of Catalyst Drivers.  Note the Color Depth field in the following screen grab from their latest beta driver (not from my system; I'm not running the beta and waiting for the actual release).  A person running the driver has reported that 10 bit is an available selection.




      That 10 bits per color may be selectable is exciting.  For me it will represent the next jump up in display quality.  Imagine gradients with no steps.


      Anyone already running the latest Catalyst beta?  If so, can you confirm the above?