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    My masks draw small line, help me that's annoying !


      Hello everyone,

      I'm not native english so i hope you will understand what i will mean.

      I'm having a problem with masks, the thing is that it automatically draw small grey lines and when I increase the feather of this one, this grey line grow up like there's a solid inside this mask.

      It's not really a problem for a lot of case but I want to create shockwave from video copilot without buying the dvd and i have to use a fractal noise with a keyframed mask's position and then decrease the brightness of the fractal to hide it, but there I see these small line from the mask!

      some photos with 1600% zoom and without :


      base (so you can see what i trying to do) :



      1600% zoom without yellow mask lines (the grey line on the center is where the yellow line of the mask is) AE is in french sorry ! :



      100% with feather (horrible!) :


      Hope you will be able to help me because I dont understand where the problem is from!

      Thank you for reading/helping me!

      Good night