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    JRun multi-svr clustering seems to disconnect on reboot

      i have recently upgraded to mx 7 and have the multi-server configuration set up with 2 identical instances on the same machine, added to a cluster. these each have 5 websites using IIS 6.

      after the cluster was made, i ran the webserver config tool and choose all sites and chose the cluster name and all is well.

      until i have to reboot, in which case the sites display an iis error about the page cannot be displayed, 403 error.

      if i open the webserver config tool and remove the cluster then re-add it, it works fine, until the next reboot, etc. etc.

      does anyone know why this would be happening?

      for what it's worth, i am also fine tuning the windows NLB and need to reboot to test, which is how i found this problem.

      i have never had a clustering question answered here, so maybe my luck will change this time...

      thanks so much.