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    dng from lightroom to photoshop are different


      Hello, I've got a problem when I export my Raw file (convert in lightroom as dng) as smart object in photoshop, it render differently and I really don't know why...

      I export from lightroom as Tiff ProPhoto 16bits without compression as smart object.

      In photoshop, my file apear to be washed out but if I double click on my smart object, I've got the same render as in lightroom.


      Now if I open my dng directly in camera raw, make some adjustment and open as smart object, the render apear to be washed out to
      Please help me


      From lightroom after editing it :


      Imported as smart object in photoshop



      Camera raw version (aflter double click on my smart object or if I open my dng in camera raw. Please note tha if I open this version as smart object directly from camera row I got the same image as above)

      The stars in the photoshop version are completly different or it's my eyes ?


      I'm running LR5, photoshop CS6, Camera Raw 8.3 on windows 7 64bits


      Please help

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is probably due to the difference in scaling algorithms in Lightroom and Photoshop when you are zoomed out. To display an image on your screen at zoomed out zoom levels, the program has to scale down your image. The algorithm used can strongly alter the appearance of detail. Photoshop does different things depending on zoom level. If it is a zoom factor of 2 or multiples of that (25%, 50%, etc.) it uses a different algorithm than at non even zooms (i.e. 33%, 66%). In Lightroom, at least in Library, it uses a system dependent algorithm but uses it always (except at 1:1 and higher zooms). In develop, it does something different altogether. Bottom line is that in neither program you can judge actual sharpness/detail if you are not at 1:1 (100% in PS) or higher zoom. At fit views, the algorithm used to scale down has a strong influence on the appearance of sharpness.

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            rawmo Level 1

            Thanks Jao,
            I was affraid to lose quality, but effectively, if close my exported Tiff, then reopen it in lightroom and compare to the original with the same aspect ratio, it's seems to be the same, so you save my night...


            Thank you very much !!