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    Large Memory Leak?

      I've got a container mc that I'm duplicating and
      loading videos into. I have 15 swf videos I'm loading
      into each mc. Each swf loaded is about 2mb in size
      which equates to 30mb of total loaded swfs.

      Each swf contains about 90 keyframes, each with
      one image in a sequence that plays an animation.

      After all the videos are loaded there are no other
      movieclips created or duplicated.

      I have arrow controls that allow me to rewind these
      videos and fast forward them.

      Everything works fine. But I'm noticing now that
      as I rewind / fastworward these swfs my memory
      is being gobbled up. It seems that my memory
      goes up almost per frame that I rewind / fastworward,
      and once the whole animation has played the memory
      plateus, until I start to play one of the other unplayed

      The only thing I'm doing with the rewind and fastforward
      buttons is just a gotoAndPlay(prev / next frame).

      I don't understand why my memory is being eaten up,
      Seems like if the files loaded are only 30mb then the
      memory shouldn't be terribly more than that.

      Any ideas or help in finding what would be causing the
      memory leak?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          are you using any loops for rewind and ff?
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            deedod Level 1
            To rewind / fastforward the clips I am just calling gotoAndPlay(back / forward 1 frame).

            Thats all I call. It seems like the jpgs that are on each keyframe are compressed
            inside the SWF but then when they are shown on the screen they are loaded into
            memory. As I go through each new frame I can see my memory going up...once I
            play through the entire movie my memory plateaus...then the process repeats once
            I start to play the next movie...it just goes up and up.

            Any way to clear memory or something like that without unloading the movies?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              if that were true, your rewind and fast forward buttons would need to be pressed repeatedly to move more than 1 frame. is that true?
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                uh.. 15 videos? there's your problem, hombre.
                rethink your app. do you need all 15 at the same time?

                That;'s a lot of cpu power. Have you every tried playing 15 quicktimes at the same time on your desktop.

                try using quepoints to trigger preloads.