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    Error #1506 - definition

      ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property reserved on _index_mx_managers_SystemManager.

      What does this error mean?

      It only pops up like every once in a while, when my application initially loads.

      My application is over 1800 lines of code, and I cannot figure out what the error even means to find it's location, or I would paste code!

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          I found this on another blog which may or may not help you.


          I got the same error.
          When I run my Flex2 application from Flex Builder and invoke a remoting method,
          the message 'ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property isError on
          mx.messaging.AcknowledgeMessage.' is displayed in the console window of
          Flex Builder. Though, the application works without problem.

          I checked the WebORB source code and Flex2 reference document.
          Then I found that 'isError' property is not defined in Flex2 AbstractMessage class
          and its subclasses, therefore such an error is occured at client side class mapping

          $isError property defined in V3Message.php is used by V3Dispatcher.php(line 60)
          to determine if the message is error or not. So I changed the property name and
          access modifier, and added isError() method in V3Message.php as below:

          abstract class V3Message
          // snip

          protected $error;

          public function isError() {
          return $this->error;

          public abstract function execute(Request $request);


          AckMessage.php(line 39) and ErrMessage.php(line 39) refers to the
          $isError property, so I changed it to $error.
          Lastly I changed the code in V3Dispacher.php(line 60).

          if($v3Message->error()) -> if($v3Message->isError())

          The $error property of V3Message class and its subclasses is now
          protected, its value is not sent to Flash Player and the error is not occured.