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    Lightroom won't upgrade second PSE catalog

    kritzberg Level 1

      I have successfully upgraded my main Photoshop Elements 11 catalog into Lightroom 5.6.


      I have a second PSE catalog I'd also like to upgrade, but not import into the main Lightroom catalog (keeping it as a standalone catalog). According to the user manual, there should be a dropdown available from File > Upgrade Photoshop Elements Catalog that will allow me to select this second PSE catalog. However, the dropdown only expands the Catalog info without giving me access to any other catalog. Is there a workaround (or am I doing this wrong)?


      For what it's worth, the PSE catalogs are on a separate drive from Lightroom, are in different folder from each other, and the location is not the default location the PSE 11 would have put them. Nevertheless, Lightroom found the first PSE catalog without difficulty.