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    How To Edit a .pdf file - Please Help!


      When I Googled the above question, I was told to download the Adobe Acrobat XI.

      I tried downloading the trial version. I was then told to download the Creative Cloud to  be able to download Acrobat XI.

      I downloaded Creative Cloud, then I was taken to the Adobe Applications Manager Page which show a bunch of apps to download.

      I don't  know which app I will need for the editing.  I was looking for Acrobat XI, but it's not showing anywhere.

      I tried downloading Photoshop. This took more than 2 hours. After the download was complete, I tried launching it, but nothing happened.

      I went back & double-checked the instructions, & I'm directed & got stumped at the Applications Manager page once more.

      I find this very frustrating. I wish it were not this complicated.

      I just want to edit a .pdf file, and nothing else. I'm not sure if I want to go through all these maze, or just use FIVVER, pay $5.00 & AVOID all these hassles.@nikoledeon.