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    Manipulating XML Data

      I am new to Flex 2 so bare with me, I have parsed an XML document into my Flex 2 app without a problem, however I now need to manipulate that content.

      The app I am creating takes an XML list of people who are currently online. Therefore the XML list is constantly changing. However I don't want to list everyone who is online only certain people.

      So what would I like to do is search the XML list for certain persons records and display them in my app.

      So I am thinking somthing like running a search on each name and loading it into an Array.

      Array[0 ] = myService.online.personID.(@name=="bob")
      Array[ 1] = myService.online.personID.(@name=="charles")

      Can anyone help me out with this code. Obviously the above code wouldn't work because if bob and charles weren't online then the search would return nothing as they wouldn't be in the list.