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    Audition removes recordings




      I´m recording tracks in the Multitrack mode and sometimes Audition removes the recordings when a restart the program. The tracks are there but they are empty. Very annoying!


      Regards, Örjan

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          SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

          It just means that you didn't save the audio where the session file expects to find it - you just have to point Audition to where the audio file is, and your session is back where it was. This has everything to do with how you save your assets, and needs to be organised sensibly, otherwise this is what happens; they are set off-line until restored. The safe way around this is to save the assets (audio files) with the session file, and when you close Audition, make sure that you've saved your session in this way first.

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            Primaorjan Level 1

            I created a map for the recording and saved the session file there. Audition created a map there too with all my recordings. And so far is has worked except once when a small yellow warning icon showed up on the recording track.

            I think Audition is not 100% safe when it comes to recordings. For ex. It changes colors on the track every time I start the program and when I tried to move all tracks to sync with the metronome it playes the recordings of some of the tracks in the old positions.

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              SuiteSpot Level 4

              I don't know what you mean by "created a map" but as far as Audition not being "100% safe when it comes to recordings " I (and many others I'm sure) would beg to differ - many of us have been recording with Audition for years and continue to do so with many making a living with this software.


              When you record in multitrack view all audio gets written straight to disk so nothing gets lost


              Are you by any chance going into edit view and editing the audio - that is usually the cause of the 'yellow warning icon' because you have edited the length of the audio which is referenced in the multitrack


              Why not try this -

              1. create a session in multitrack view and record your audio

              2. save and exit the session

              3. copy the session sesx file and rename it

              4. now open the original session sesx file


              If the session has turned pear shaped then exit saving the session and then email me the 2 sesx files at www dot aatranslator dot com dot au and I will check them out

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                Primaorjan Level 1



                I have opened the file several times lately and no problems with missing recordings.

                Even the colors for the tracks seems to stay correct and moving the recordings also works.


                Noticed that Adobe put the updates of the new CC on the wrong harddrive and that my icon on the desktop linked to an older version of Audition (wich Adobe installed on the correct harddrive).

                So when I clicked directly on the file it opened in the latest version of Audition.

                Changed the location settings in Creative Cloud to the correct harddrive. Not shure why this has been changed but will check this more often in the future.


                Regards, Orjan