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    Can I go back to version 5.5 ?

    Woofy Level 1

      I installed the Lightroom 5.6 update on August 1st and there are some things that don't work properly (or as they used to).

      Examples are:

      If copy any settings and try to paste, sometimes they will transfer, other times they won't.

      Likewise, sometimes Paste shows in History, sometimes it doesn't.

      The navigator preview now shows a distorted image of different crops when moving through/over history.

      There is now a flickering and slight jumping of the mouse pointer when using the brush tool (as it is updating history?)


      ** I'd like to know if there are any pitfalls if I install the previous version which I still have in "downloads"  **

      Also, has anyone else experienced problems with version 5.6 ?


      Note.  Just cloned something out and it seemed not have fully disappeared, no matter what I did (moving target & result, whitening/bleaching out etc) so I opened it in Photoshop CC and it had actually completely gone, so I therefore assume that it is a fault with LR 5.6




      My system:

      Windows 7

      Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz

      8 gig of ram

      GeForce 8800 GTX  Driver version 337.88

      Network storage


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