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    gotoAndStop CRASH

    John Harding

      It seems nobody reads the Flash Player 9 forum so ill post in here. This bug is driving me up the wall. I am embedding a movieclip into one of my classes using this method:
      [Embed(source='/sprites.swf', symbol='PlayerSprite')]
      private var PlayerSprite:Class;

      I need to use gotoAndStop to reflect a state change... e.g.:

      The script works but it causes both IE and FireFox to crash completly at random times when gotoAndStop is executed.

      Here is an example of that gotoAndStop crash. Visit the following url move the character about randomly using the arrow keys:

      Has anybody else experienced this?



      P.S. Mike Chambers please take note and let me know if this is going to be fixable in the near future... we have client projects that need 'gotoAndStop'