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    Editing RAW files after taking it in to Photoshop


      Hello, I'll probably have a hard time explaining my question but I will do so to the best of my ability.


      When I import to lightroom, I leave my RAW files (canon .cr2) as is and I do not convert them to DNG.


      I am able to use presets to preview the finished file- and I notice I have exact color temp sliders when editing the RAW files.


      I then reset the RAW file and take it into photoshop to perform mainly skin touchups- but when I save it back it saves as a PSD.


      Then when I use my preset- im able to generally get the color close to what the preset looks like on RAW but there are still some things about the photo

      that I can not exactly put my finger on- but they are different. I like the way the sliders change things when editing raw but not after saving as PSD or TIFF.


      I know its not possible to "SAVE AS RAW" in photoshop to have all the same controls back in lightroom- but is there any way around this?


      I know I could technically use the preset in lightroom BEFORE going into photoshop but I like using the preset as a final touch regarding color and

      using the highlights shadows whites and blacks sliders.


      Is there anyway to make my presets look exactly the same as they do on a RAW file but on a saved file from photoshop?

      Or is there any workaround?


      Thank you!

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          By the time you are editing in Photoshop you are no longer working on the raw image. Photoshop might indicate that you are, but it is only telling you the name of the file from which the image came. Photoshop cannot save raw images because it cannot edit raw image data. The conversion has already taken place. There is a workaround, sort of. Do is much as you can in Lightroom and then open into Photoshop as a smart object. Then you can return to Camera Raw from Photoshop to make adjustments on the raw image data. This works best however, if Lightroom and Camera Raw are from the same version.