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    adobe digital authorization


      I've bought some ebooks on IBS and KOBO .

      I can read this ebook on my samsung tab and a mediacom tab.

      Then, In these days, I've book a samsung S3 smartphone and a Trekstore 8" tablet but I'm not able to read these 10 ebooks.

      Then I've asksed you about a new auuthorization and now I have [email removed by host]   and a password  [removed by host] authorized.

      But the smartphone and the new Trekstor tab sign say me not authorized.

      What can I do to read those ebooks?

      Off course, I can read it on the samsung and on Mediacom but I could read them on the other devices also.

      Thank you.


      Maurizio Marti.

      [private information removed by host]