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    InDesign Crashing on file open - Missing Font / Network Connection Lost


      For starters I am using InDesign 5.5  When I open the file, either by clicking on the file through finder or or opening it through indesign I get the following error message:


      The document "file name.indd" uses one or more fonts which are not currently available on your system.

      I can't press either Find Font or OK - wheel spins then after 30 seconds or so and then I get the message:


      The network connection was lost for the file "file name.indd", or the file was modified by another process.

      Press OK. Nothing happens. Activity monitor says Indesign is using 100% of the cpu and not responding. The file is on my local machine and nothing has changed on it since the last time I opened it without issues 3 days ago. I'm not running anything that could be using the file or any of the images the file uses.  I have downloaded and installed the font that was missing and the error message hasn't changed.  Any ideas?