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    Help! Flash Player installation fails (Vista; Internet Explorer)


      I'm having problems installing Flash Player (14 I think - the installer is named: install_flashplayer14x32ax_chrd_dn_awa_aih) on a laptop with Vista and IE. I am PC illiterate, so am not sure what versions I have...

      The installer seems to know what I have, and choose what version to install? Is that right?

      I get the options of running or saving the installer, but whatever I try, the installation seems to think it's worked, and I'm taken to a browser screen showing other things I might want to install. However, Flash Player doesn't seem to be installed, and content doesn't work, telling me I need to install Flash Player.

      One thing I noticed is that the installation bar moves at a slow pace and then suddenly, the last section passes in a microsecond, like it's given up, but it then goes onto that other window. I have Malwarebytes Pro installed for protection.

      Could this be preventing the installation?

      I would have expected a notification if it was, but am getting nothing...

      Oh, and I used uninstall to get rid of previous versions, but I still have some control panel for Flash Player settings if I put Flash Player in the search box?

      Sorry if this seems dumb, but although I can fix engines and things, all this PC stuff is a bit of a mystery so far...

      Thanks in advance.