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    Get my serial number from Adobe ?




      I bought LightRoom 5 on Cdiscount and I get into trouble with getting my serial number from Adobe cause the web page is displayed as "temporary unavailable", is that normal ?

      I'm a student and I got an offer so I would like to finish the subscription in order to have my licence. Some help would be really appreciated !


      Ps. Moreover Lightroom 5 seems to be in pre-order, isn't it available yet ?


      Thanks you,

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Several people have complained about the educational verification web pages being temporarily unavailable, today. 


          This would be normal if Adobe is updating part of their infrastructure, and doing it during the summer on a weekend would cause the least disruption. 


          It would not be normal for these webpages to be unavailable for days and days.  Theoretically if you have just downloaded and installed the software you have a 30-day trial period.

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            eLRenard0 Level 1

            Thanks you for giving me some explanations !

            I have a 30-day trial period but I really would like to get my personal licence number cause I won't be student anymore in some months ! So do you think will it available soon ?

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              eLRenard0 Level 1

              Hello !


              By the way, when I start Lightroom 5, is it normal to be redirected to the Adobe website in order to buy a key for the software ?

              We just have this and try a trial version ! I'm speaking about this because Cdiscount sent me a key by mail but I'm not sure it's a real key for the software cause normally I have to contact Adobe for this.