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    Imported photos from iPhone.  Now LR says they're Missing!


      On my Mac.  I imported multiple photos from my iPhone.  I followed LR directions, imported them into the Catalog and various Folders.  Now LR4 marks most (but not all!!) of these as Missing/Unable to Locate.  When I follow LR directions to locate a missing photo, LR takes me to my photos in Finder, and highlights the LR folder I put the photo in, but it is not there.  (The next step would be to Select the photo, to connect it, but there is nothing to Select because the photo isn't there.  I just go in circles.)  I even tried reimporting them from my phone but when I try that, LR doesn't recognize them! and sees them as duplicates. I am totally lost.  In LR Library, Grid view, all these photos are shown in two places: there is a Catalog called Missing Photos, showing 159 photos, all marked with the Missing icon, right top corner.  The same photos are in their respective Folder.  Again marked with the Missing icon.  If I search in Finder, the photos are NOT in the Folders.


      p.s. I doubt if anyone can help me but I'd be really happy to find an answer.