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    Import and directory synchronize problem



      I'm having a problem importing new pictures into an existing file directory which appears in my Lightroom catalog. The photos import normally but show up as a new directory entry off the root of the Lightroom catalog. When I attempt to move/drag them to the existing Lightroom directory I want, I'm told they can NOT be move because they are already there which I can confirm in the Windows file system. Strangely, synchronizing the directory in Lightroom does not find the files even though they are physically there but not showing up in the catalog.  This is a new problem but I can't associate it with anything I've changed in Lightroom lately.  Can anyone suggest what might be going on and more important how to fix it?  It is very irritating. I have another problem and I don’t know if it is related or not.  Lightroom will NOT remember changes I make to calalog location I make through the edit, calalog settings menu or my watch directory for auto import through file, auto import, auto import settings.  It just ignores them and uses what is already there. Again, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.