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      hey, please if someone can help me, i'm trying to build a full function music player, the problem is that i can't make a usefull open button. I have try whit the filereference.browse() function but is not enought, I can see the file size nad name, but I can not load the file. For example I can find the file but and error by the path is show like 'can't load file file////C:/...........'.

      can anyone tell me a way to set a path or read the path of the choosen file. Thanks.
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          You can't do that in flash for local files. Even with a projector file, which is what I'm assuming that you're creating. Best you can do is load in a playlist file from the same directory or a subdirectory of the flash content which gave the filepaths for the files you wanted to load.

          The only way you can do this in a projector is via some 3rd party support. There's an opensource tool called Screenweaver and a number of others that give you local file system access. google flash projector tools or swf projector tools etc.

          For AS3, apollo from adobe sounds good and gives you access to local files.
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            SWF Studio rocks. (www.northcode.com).

            The security is you can browse to upload, but not access directly. That's why it's a reference. so you'd have to upload the music unless it's on a server already. Check out the FineTune player made in apollo. If this is what you want Apollo is the way to go

            The flexcoders grooup on Yahoogroups has a ton of ins/outs on this. see it.
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              haixor Level 1
              Thanks for the help I'll try whit a 3rd party program.