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    after LR 5.6 upgrade I cannot add LR to Default Program List, how can I repair this?




      I had used Lightroom 5.5 for a few weeks and down loaded LR 5.6. Big Mistake! It looks like Lightroom works from the desktop icon and from C://program files/adobe/adobe lightroom5.6/lightroom.exe


      My problem is that I cannot make LR the default program for cr2 files. The Default Program listed is "Install Lightroom 5.exe"  (This install program is located on the desktop in an adobe folder.) Using the control panel/default programs/associate file type/ .cr2 I can find the LR.exe file, but when I try to enable it does  not show up on the list.


      I have downloaded 5.6 again and re-ran the setup program. The application is located at C://program files/adobe/adobe lightroom5.6/lightroom.exe   on a Windows 7 Dell XPS L502Xcomputer.


      Does anyone know how I can associate Lightroom 5.6 to .cr2 files?