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    15.6" 1080p Displays - too small?

    Andrei in Montreal



      I'm choosing a laptop for photography editing on the go. I narrowed my options between a 15.6" IPS display (asus G550JK) and 17" EWV (150 degree enhanced TN, in the asus N750JK). Both are 1080p with antiglare.


      I like the size of 17" but I'm not so sure about the TN panel; I heard IPS gives stunning accurate colors. I am afraid that the 15.6" will be too small. Any advice from those with experience?


      If I enlarge objects in Win 8.1, like 125%, am I going to lose sharpness?



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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You don't want a TN screen in general. They are very inaccurate if your viewing angle is not spot on. I'd recommend going IPS. 15.6" is just fine for editing. I do most of my editing on a Mac Book Pro retina, which is 15" something. Of course that is a far higher resolution display than 1080p (2800x1800 pixels, it is absolutely amazing for photo editing). In general you don't want to scale in the OS as your interface gets messed up often when you do that, but I don't know what the effect in Windows is of scaling the interface on Lightroom.

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            Andrei in Montreal Level 1

            I finally saw this Toshiba 4k today and some HP 1080p for 15.6" in a store - yes, they're working well. I found in the software(Lightroom) where I can make everything bigger and even in 4k everything is good, although 4k takes 200% enlargement.


            I noticed too that IPS gives nicer colors, and the larger the resolution the better.


            Thanks Jao.