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    LR5 is automatically applying changes to file (Exposure, tone etc) after saving in PS CC (2014) even though I haven't changed anything ?!!


      Using a new MAC with latest versions of LR5 and PS. Clean install ie previous versions uninstalled along with all presets etc etc. with only the colour management settings set to ProRGB in PS workspace.


      1. Select a DNG photo in LR5. Do NOT do any changes whatsoever. ie no Exposure, tonal, sharpening - absolutely nothing.

      2. Select edit in Photoshop

      3. Photo opens in PS and looks exactly the same as in LR5

      4. Do not make ANY changes whatsoever.

      5. Save file (into TIFF).

      6. Close file in PS

      7. Return to LR5.

      8. The saved TIFF file is there, but the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows etc have all been changed. The result is unusable.


      I have tried various transfer permutations between LR5 and PS. eg File Opened in PS, saved, opening in LR5 same thing happens. The net result is that the 'changing' takes place in the opening of LR5 and not PS.

      The Items changed are the SAME values in every Photo that is transferred to/from PS.


      The problem does not happen with JPG's or TIFF's to/from PS.

      Also checked the file via Finder/Preview after closing in PS and opening in LR5. The photo is OK. Then open in LR5 and it is changed.


      Any help please, as this is making LR5/PS combo unusable.


      Thanks in advance.


      PS. This has only started to happen with the latest versions.