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    Performance of large v. small compositions containing only vector files


      Hey all, do the two of these approaches have different impacts on performance in AE?


      Situation 1:


      A composition is 19,200 x 10,800 pixels in AE (that may be larger than the possible size, but for sake of discussion, it's a large-sized comp).

      It contains three complex shape layers that are purely vector imagery, they have some transformations.


      Situation 2:


      A composition is 192 x 108 pixels in AE

      It contains the same three complex shape layers, just smaller in relative scale.


      If these two compositions are placed in a standard 1080p composition...


      Will the larger composition have a bigger impact on performance due to rasterization of the vectors, or will AE recognize the different vectors and scales and interpret them such that they require the exact same amount of processing power / ram? Are there any caveats here or times when performance is impacted differently? Thanks for the help!