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    Installation of Lightroom 5.6 fails with error after download of update form Adobe


      Hi All,


      I just had to do a rebuild of my PC, (Windows 7 ultimate 64bit) and after re-installing Lightroom 5.2 it told me that there was an update available to version 5.6 which I downloaded. When I went to install it I received the following error when it was decompressing the files. It made it to about 48% and then threw the error in the attached picture. I have deleted the download and have downloaded it again and I still get the same error. Also, I have tried running it form two different hard drives on my system and there is plenty of room on both drives. One has 12GB of available space and the other has 108GB of available space. Also, just to see what would happen after it completed the above I tried to run the installer and it failed.




      Can anyone offer any insight into what is causing this error and how to get around it so I can get the update to install?