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    print audio waveform in 2 second segments


      I need to be able to print or capture image of audio waveform in exact 2 second increment segments for animation barsheet purposes. I posting to After Effects Forum as this is what I know best, but I am open to any third party plugin, or, software package that can do this. (We will use the 2 sec waveform images/pages as part of animation 'bar sheets'…we are  looking for a replacement for traditional animation exposure sheets which are rather cumbersome for CG animators to use.)



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not sure what complicated magic procedure you are looking for. This could be as easy as using the Posterize time effect on a pre-comp and if that doesn't work there is a million ways of using time-remapping and expressions...



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            woodyy Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, what I need is not any effect in the composition, but a way to print the audio from the timeline window. The purpose is to place audio waveform in preformated pages for 'track reading' for animation preproduction purposes. Any way that I can automatically break a long piece of audio  exactly 2 second segments and print the waveforms would be a big part of the solution. In TV animation we use literally thousands of 'exposure sheets' for 'trackreading' (the phonetic transcription of dialogue audio) in a process that hasn't changed much in eighty years.If we can at  break the audio into printed audio waveform in 2 second pages we can add our storyboard timing data quite easily…getting the waveform is the key.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Other than taking a screen shot I know of no way to capture an After Effects audio waveform from the timeline. If you want to generate an image sequence from an audio waveform effect then each image is going to be different. Unfortunately you cannot set the comp frame rate to two seconds per frame. One frame per second is the limit. Here's the other unfortunate part of that problem. The samples you'll see in the waveform only cover a single frame. I think they come from the start of the frame so they do not represent anything but the first sample frame.


              Rather than try and make After Effects try and render this wave form I'd try using Autidion.


              Here's how:

              1. Set the view window to 2 seconds.

                Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 10.08.24 AM.png

              2. Open your favorite screen capture app and record the track playing and the view will change every two seconds.
              3. Bring the screen cap movie of the timeline playing into AE, crop it to the waveform, then use time remapping to remove the extra frames as the audio plays so every frame is a new view
              4. Render an image seaquence

              There you go, All done. You have your images of the waveforms 2 seconds at a time.

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                woodyy Level 1

                Rick, Thanks so much! I will buy myself a copy of audition and do this. Using time remapping to eliminate everything but the every two second image I want is  brilliant.

                Thanks so much, I will try to get this down to a script that will execute quickly but the idea of using time remapping to exclude the stuff I don't want will make this workable!