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    MCL events not getting broadcast anymore when tested locally

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      The project in question is: www.chrdauer.com

      The photos on the front page are masked by rounded rectangles as soon as the photos load. I'm using the MCL.onLoadInit() event to accomplish this. If you click on one of those three photos, the photos are replaced with three different photos, which are also masked in the same way. The JPEGs are loaded with MCL instances and as soon as they load, they are masked by another MC that's already present. The problem is that, since I upgraded to CS3, when I test this locally in a browser, only the images on the front page get masked. It seems like the MCL's onLoadInit() event doesn't get called when tested locally in a web browser. It obviously works fine when it's coming from a server. And it works fine when I test within Flash using Publish Preview. At the moment it's just a pain in the butt. At least it actually works when it really counts. But this seems like a pretty significant bug, if you ask me.

      Anyone have similar problems? Does Adobe know about this?

      Thanks a bunch!

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          I just revisited this issue. It isn't that MCL events aren't getting broadcast when I test locally in a browser. It's simply that a MC can't be masked using MC.setMask(). Once again, everything works fine when I test within Flash or if I view within a browser while the file is actually on a server. There is just some bizarre quirk that doesn't allow masking to work properly when testing locally.

          Some other details: setMask() DOES work fine for the classes that are initially created, for the front page of the site. The issue comes up when I create instances of another MovieClip subclass that loads and masks images dynamically. All MovieClip subclasses that I use, after the very first subclasses, have the setMask() issue. And I'm on Win XP.

          Hopefully someone from Adobe is out there, listening!