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    Unable to create a narration in PE12 for Mac.


      On a Mac mini, OSX 10.9.4, using Apple earbuds plugged into the earphone jack, using Adobe Premiere Elements 12.1. I confirmed the built-in mic in those earbuds works properly when I tested in OSX Dictation tool in System Preferences.  However in Adobe Premiere Elements Editor 12, when I click the Record button in the Narration tool, it complains "Your current audio hardware selection does not have any input channels.  Use Preferences/Audio Hardware/Default Device to correct this problem."  Attempting that, I see the Preferences dialog for Audio Hardware has Default Device set to Built-In Output (since I've never changed it, I presume that must be factory default), which apparently works for audio out to the earbuds which I have used over the course of several projects without using the Narration Tool, but not for audio input from them to the Narration Tool.   I tried to change Default Device to System Default Input/Output (seemingly logical choice, given the factory default Built-In Output wasn't working for audio input from the earbuds).  The dialog then complains "Ensure that you have launched Adobe Premiere Elements in administrator mode, and have sufficient privileges to change the audio settings."  I am logged into OSX as an administrator user.  Is there some arcane keystroke sequence to launch AE in some administrator mode, as the dialog suggests?  Other suggestions?

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          Premiere Elements 12 Mac


          I am strictly an Elements Windows user, but I try to answer these Premiere Elements Mac question on common ground between Premiere Elements Windows and Mac.


          What specific microphone are you using for Narration. Is it the type that requires a USB connection, computer jack, or other type of connection to the computer?

          If I have my microphone connected to the computer (via computer jack) and it is recognized by Premiere Elements, I will see it

          a. Cited under the Microphone Icon in the Narration Tool dialog


          b. Listed under Edit Menu/Preferences/Audio Hardware ASIO Input.


          From what you wrote, I suspect that Premiere Elements is not recognizing your microphone. Do you see it present in "a" or "b" above?

          If the microphone is not connected, you will get no response clicking on the Microphone Icon in the Narration Tool dialog, and you will not see it listed under Edit Menu/Preferences/Audio Hardware ASIO Input.


          Double check to make sure that the User Account is one with Administrative Privileges. That is need for Premiere Elements as well as the required QuickTime.

          In Windows, I also apply Run As Administrator by right clicking the program's desktop icon and selecting that option. I am not sure if there is a counterpart of the Run As Administrator in Mac.


          Please review and consider and then we can discuss this further in the morning.






          Add On...Please give more details on the Apple device that you are using as the microphone. Is it considered a "built in microphone"? Is there any built in microphone in the computer monitor?

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            Thanks for the prompt reply.  This morning I restarted my mini, then started Premiere Elements without starting anything else.  I still got the first complaint when I clicked the Record button in Tools/Narration, so I went to Preferences/Audio Hardware as before.  Now I get a dropdown option under Default Device: "Built-In Microphone/Built-In Output", which I'm pretty sure I would have noticed and tried before posting for help yesterday.  Whatever, that selection works.


            The only thing I can think of is I use Parallels Desktop for when I need to run Windows-only apps.  I had used Parallels Desktop yesterday, but am sure I closed it before using Premiere Elements.  Perhaps Parallels seized the mic and failed to release it upon closing, which might then make the Default Device: "Built-In Microphone/Built-In Output" selection unavailable in Premiere Elements.  I have seen similar behavior when Parallels seizes an external USB DVD/CD-ROM drive (Apple's own Super Drive), and the drive thereafter is not visible to OSX until I unplug it, wait a few then plug it in again.  Or restart.


            The mic device is Apple's earbuds, which have a built-in microphone, and plugs directly into the mini's headphone jack, no USB involved.  My ViewSonic monitor is connected via HDMI port, don't even know if it has a mic, or if so, would it communicate back to the mini via HDMI.


            My OSX account is the administrator.  If there is a Run As Administrator on Mac OSX, it is undocumented.  I thought about opening Terminal, then starting the app using SUDO, but was tired of the problem, thought I'd be fresher in the AM. 

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              Thanks for the reply and further details.


              What happened when you clicked on the microphone icon in the Narration dialog itself. Did the click result in a pop up with the microphone source?


              We will be watching for further developments.


              Thanks for the follow up.



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                The click on Tools/Narration does its popup showing a generic icon of a microphone, not presenting anything indicating a particular audio source.  I guess the logic is that if the narration isn't working, the user is expected to know to go into Preferences and find an audio hardware selection that might, and try again.


                I find I can successfully record only if I preset Preferences/Audio Hardware to "Built-in Microphone/Built-In Output".  "Built-in Input/Built-in Output" didn't work, so that selection must mean something other than the audio jack on the mini.  Also, the drop-down option "Built-in Microphone/Built-In Output" is only presented if I have the earbuds already plugged into the mini when I launch Adobe Premiere Elements, so I gotta remember to be ready before launch.  Kinda like the Space Shuttle, but I'm no rocket scientist.


                The value of the Default parameter in Audio Hardware appears to be project-specific, which means I have to remember to do the preset when I start a new project, or if I go into an existing project in which I had not yet done a Narration track.


                Also i found that checking the box "Mute Audio Track While Recording" (checked is the default in the Narration popup dialog), not only mutes the audio of other tracks while narrating (convenient for narrators who don't need to hear the score while talking), it also leaves all tracks and clips muted when narration recording is finished.  I haven't yet found a way to un-mute those silenced tracks and clips when I forget to uncheck that box before narrating.  Perhaps Elements is designed for rocket scientists <grins>.

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                  Sounds like major progress there. Good job.


                  Are you aware of the Premiere Elements 12 issue where several have reported that numbered Audio Tracks and soundtrack lose their sound when narration is added using the program's Narration Tool? I spared you those details previously. But, as a just in case note, I am adding the information.

                  ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE12: Audio Losses After Narration Addition



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                    Thanks for the link. 

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                      Really strange is that loss of audio from Premiere Elements 12 numbered Audio Tracks and Soundtrack when narration from the Narration Tool is added to the Premiere Elements 12 project.


                      I have never been able to reproduce the problem in order to get a good look at it


                      Hope not, but if it should hit your Premiere Elements workflow, any details of your situation on that would be appreciated.