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    Capture issues in Adobe Premiere Elements 11


      I'm using a Sony DCR-HC40 NTSC DV camera conneted to my computer by an Arcsoft EZCap USB video grabber. Whenever I try to capture footage with it, the image is distorted, with a messed up bar of colored lines at the bottom of the picture. Even if I change the project presets to the correct camera settings, it doesn't solve the problem. The camera has a frame size of 640x480 with a pixel aspect ratio of 1.0, but when I look at the properties of the captured images, it says that it is 720x480 with a pixel aspect ratio of .9091. I should mention that the camera and EZCap work fine with my StopMotionPro program, and that when I import pictures from those folders into Adobe Premiere 11, those pictures are OK too. The problem happens only when I try to capture directly in Adobe Premiere. Please Help!