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    From Trial to Purchase | CC 2014 Apps Crashing after startup

    UrbanToledoGang Level 1

      All Creative Cloud (2014) apps crashing immediately after opening

      I was running Premiere Pro CC as a trial, when the trial ended, I opted to get the whole Adobe CC 2014 catalog for a cool $50/month.


      I installed the apps I needed, updated my Nvidia graphics drivers but when opening anything (Premiere, Photoshop, Audition, After Effects CC 2014) the apps would just crash. No error message, just open, I can see the program, and then it closes.


      Solutions I've tried:

      1. Uninstalling / Reinstalling: I've removed all Adobe products and used the official CC Cleaner Tool and reinstalled using the Cloud App. Same problems; crash upon opening.
      2. Signing in and out of the Cloud App after reading somewhere it might be an account bug. Crash upon opening.
      3. Signing in with a different account thinking my account used to purchase is bunk. Crash upon opening.
      4. The usual restart, update graphics drivers, virus check and light, frustrated punches to my monitor. I've tried everything short of reinstalling the OS (which I'd rather not do).
      5. Running any app as admin / current OS compatibility mode. Crash upon opening.


      Things worth noting:

      Another computer can log in and use the account's apps fine, seems to be specifically my work computer which has the problem.

      I had separate versions of all apps before like Premiere CC (no 2014) and After Effects CC (no 2014).


      Computer Specs:

      Windows 8.1 Pro

      GeForce GTX 650 Ti (driver version 340.52, current as of 8.02.14)

      AMD Phenom II X6 1075T

      16GB RAM


      If anyone has an solutions, I'm all ears. Like I said, I don't particularily want to reinstall my OS so I'm hoping for a fix that might help me stay on my feet.