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    How do I import photos from iPhoto to Lightroom on mac book air?


      Iv'e read in several forums that to do this you must go into the finder right click on iPhoto.  Click show package contents.   This pulls up a file named contents.   All of the forums say to either look for a masters file or a original file and copy and paste it to the desktop. This is supposed to then allow lightroom to see the packaged file.   I can't seem to find either file.  Im not sure if its because the forum is outdated or if they just completely changed the name of the file with a newer update.   Either way I tried to do this with a couple of the files I thought might work i.e.. library, mac os.   Nothing has worked.   I am very new to using mac.  I just literally bought this computer yesterday so I really don't want to try to much blindly but being able to edit images with professional software is the whole reason why I bought it.    Pleases Help!!!!!!