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    After Effects




      Recently, I've been editing in PP CS6 as I always do, doing nothing but classic straightforward editing with no crazy transitions and such. At one random point, might be an hour in or more and sometimes less, everything slows down and the CPU maxes out and anything else in my laptop suffers the same drag. I first notice this as ongoing songs playing in my winamp start having the problem by adding noises and skipping bits, like even a minimal task as such has become very hard to do.


      The only thing that can stop it the drag, is closing down everything and rebooting the computer... Because even after minutes of the program having been shut down, everything little other opened prgram like thunderbird or firefox are still slow and can't get back to normal speed.


      LATELY, After Effects CS6 has jumped on the bandwagon of getting "tired", using all available CPU and not being able to perform. Whether it's 5 minutes in, or and hour, and here again doing simple tasks like masking some areas of a layer over a single other layer... Nothing crazy. . I also notice in the Process section of the task manager that there are multiple instances of AE opened. If I try to end their task, they pop back again (a result of letting AE use multiple CPUs?). Whatever the deal is, AE stays up there even after the program is closed (not in the Applications section though).


      I also tried purging the cache and cleaning the memory in the prefs, but it doesn't help one bit.


      I do have a performing computer and have not suffered these annoying problems in the past. At least not in the same fashion.


      Can anyone help?


      HP Elitebook 8760w

      Intel Core i7-2820QM CPU @2.30GHz

      8GB RAM

      64-bit operating system

      NVIDIA QUADRO 3000 card

      And also have the Mercury Playback engine GPU enabled

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          We seriously can't know. Yes, using MP rendering might contribute to the issues, but beyond that we can't tell you anything. This sounds more like a systemic issue like the GPU overheating or some obscure tool kicking in in the background and gobbling up all resources and only monitoring with suitable tools can reveal the culprit. As a start, check your device manager and event viewer for warnings and broken drivers, then use your system's Resource Monitor to track performance and if even that doesn't help, use third-party tools...



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            DrCarducci Level 1

            Hi Mylenium,


            -Checked the device manager: no warnings or broken drivers

            -Checked the event viewer: no warnings, errors or anything critical in the last hour (in which I I had this issue again)


            So I didn't manage to track down the issue...



            BUT I decided to let it rest a few days (apparently computers might need vacation time after all) and then thought I should help the laptop breathe a little. Thank god it's built with steel because I can assure you that I can cook eggs and burn them with the heat that comes out of that vent area. Seriously, one cannot have its finger touch that spot for more than 3 seconds before getting real burns. Anyhow, point being that I've risen the laptop from my desk by putting 2 strips of wood on each end. Now there's enough room for heat to better circulate under. And guess what? I've worked 4 days on it without any of those buggy/crashy problems... Cannot guarantee that it actually helped, but I suggest for people to try this option if they're out of ideas.